Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SAS Learning Experiences

Looking back over the last few semesters, what new teaching technique did you try? Describe the success (positive or negative) and why you believe that the outcome occurred.


  1. I tried TurningPoint or what we refer to as "clickers" for in class assessments and have to give it two thumbs up. I used to give paper and pencil quizzes on required out of class readings in our EBM course and they took up so much time. Turning Point combined with results manager software really worked well and syncs directly with Blackboard. Finally a technology that makes teaching easier and engages students! If you have access to this technology I highly recommend using it.

    -Brad Martin UAMS

  2. I used IFAT (immediate feedback assessment technique forms; lottery tickets) for my drug literature evaluation course. The students took the quiz or exam by themselves, then they broke into teams to answer the exam using the forms. The team chooses an answer and then scratches off one of the choices (like a lottery ticket); if correct they get full credit. If not, they try again. I found this took a lot of time but I saw the students were having fun and really discussing the concepts. I also had fewer challenges on questions and the similar types of questions on the comprehensive final had more correct answers. So, the loss of class time was worth the effort. Linda Gore Martin UWyoming

  3. Does anyone have comments on a Pharmacy and Health Care System/delivery course?